Rice is an important food cereal in the world, and represents the staple food in the diet of more than half of the world's population.

Regardless of the variety requested or where it is grown, Nordic Food Partners A/S is able to provide a competitive and professional solution.

Utilizing our operations in Asia and South America, as well as our vast network of growers and millers in Europe, we will be able to identify the most reliable and competitive opportunities for the benefit our clients.

Nordic Food Partners A/S is able to offer a full range of rice varieties:

  • Indian basmati rice (milled or brown)
  • Thai Hom Mali jasmine rice (milled or brown)
  • Parboiled Thai Hom Mali jasmine milled rice
  • Brown long grain rice
  • Brown Indian Basmati
  • Wild rice
  • Sushi rice
  • Round grain milled rice
  • Risotto rice